Strategic Partners


As a state-owned company established on December 29, 2002, State Grid takes the investment, construction and operation of power grids as core business. We are committed to re-electrification and energy connectivity, meeting the power demand with clean and green alternatives. State Grid supplies power to over 1.1 billion population in 26 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, covering 88% of Chinese national territory.

BlockChain Energy Conservation Association

As a congregation of groups, entities and individuals from the field of electric power, software & information technology services, scientific research & technical services and other related upstream and downstream industries, the open and self-financing social organization BECA advocates multi-layer, cross-industry and all-around exchange and cooperation.

Guided by the concept of development, coordination, green and open sharing, the purpose of BECA is to accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation, and strengthen the research on blockchain standardization. Meanwhile, by availing ourselves of the first-mover advantage of the power market reform, we could further open up the innovation chain, application chain as well as value chain of the energy industry, and bring into play the role of blockchain technology in aspects of promoting data sharing, optimizing business procedure, reducing operating costs, improving synergy efficiency, and building a credible system. We also call for the innovative development of new concepts, new technologies and new patterns for conserving energy, reducing emissions and raising energy efficiency.