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Apply to become a member of China-CEEC Blockchain Centre of Excellence to benefit from shared learnings, experiences and resources.

Membership and Benefits

At China-CEEC Centre of Excellence, we believe membership and unity is essential to tackle the major issues facing the blockchain ecosystem today. Blockchain and DLT technologies, in their essence, are about working together with any corner of the world to build something greater than the individual.

Centre of Excellence members have exclusive access to a wide variety of benefits and high quality research. Some of the benefits you can expect from becoming a member can be found below:

• Gain access to networking with leading innovative and R&D
organisations • Participate in research with excellent research teams and organisations
• Acquire funding from various resources (governments, investment funds, etc.)
• Monetize your research outcome using platform technology transfer services
• Get access to highly talented researchers, innovators, students and more

We welcome innovative startups, established players, R&D institutions and governments to join. We offer different types of memberships: • Industry membership (Mainly for SMEs, corporations, state enterprises and similar) • Academic membership (Mainly for Universities and R&D Institutes and similar) • Associate membership (Dedicated for observing members like governments, international organisations, regulation bodies, etc.)

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